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Such a great podcast! The episodes are transformative with relatable examples and tips for overcoming anxiety and mental health. Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

"Therapy of the truth"

Love that Kauri spoke about the best therapy is speaking the truth and that we have to develop what it meant to be accountable. Break down the truth by calling the real reason out and take ownership. As an AAPI advocate, I believe this is one of the best podcast to follow for AAPI and ethnic minorities. - Sabrina

Inspiring and Engaging

This is a one-of-a-kind podcast featuring the candid journeys of awesome AAPI entrepreneurs and topic experts. Dr. Wong has an amazing ability to draw out insightful reflections from her guests while keeping the tone conversational, real, and fun. I was blown away by her latest episode with Catherine Yeo - so many concrete insights! Just wow!

Dr. Wong Inspires and Empathizes

Such a phenomenal podcast. As a ethnic minority myself in the USA, I was able to relate to the perspectives mentioned on the show. I especially enjoyed Annie Dickerson’s episode- a must listen!

Topics that need to be discussed

Dr. Wong not only touches on important topics like metal health but she does it with a diverse cross section of guests. In particular it’s good to hear those from ethnic communities where these difficult subjects are not openly discussed.

A Much-Needed Voice!

Dr. Wong is a powerful voice not only in the mental health field, but for so many of us Asian Americans. It’s important for me to see other Asian women leading the way, and her presence in this space makes a difference. I especially loved her interview with May Lee — one of my favorite episodes!

Love the concept and interesting

I love Jessica Woo - I’m following her on TikToks. Seeing her in a POC focused podcast was awesome. I really enjoyed Jessica Woo's episode because I am a fan of her TikToks, but I was so interested to hear about her personal life. Hearing about her divorce experience was so saddening, and shocking she got everything taken from her. It hit home, growing up with a single mother, with a father who also did not want to do a divorce amicably. I was also interested to hear about how she approaches hard conversations with her children, I completely agree that having the door open for these difficult conversations with children, in any conversation is important. Will be looking into more episodes Dr Wong! :))

Great podcast!

So many inspiring stories! One of my favorite episodes is with Margaret Cho- she was so open about dealing with depression and other mental challenges despite her success while navigating challenges within and outside her ethnicity.

Inspirational Kimchee Episode!

My favorite is with Andrew Phung. I love the Kimchee character from Kim's Convenience and his stories about going a non-traditional route for an Asian American are really inspiring.


Hi Dr. Wong, we've been connected on social media for a little while, but tonight was the first time I'd sought out and listened to your @color_of_success podcast. In it, you connected with Guy Tang who shared his perspective on life as an Asian guy growing up in America. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting that I would find a common connection on the things he would have to say, based on the small snippet of reality TV I saw on Bling Empire. During that hour and a half I got sucked in, and I found your work to be so enjoyable. Moreover, @guy_tang, listening to you, I was surprised to discover a deep sense of rapport in our respective paths, both being men of the same race growing up in America: I relate 100% to so many of the things you'd talked about on Stephanie's show, and I appreciate you being vulnerable and for putting yourself out there to share your story. I've for years battled the very real stereotypes (and internal conflict) that our culture is oftentimes thought of as the least desirable, unattractive--particularly when it comes to dating. Thank you both, for your efforts and championing growth and knowledge. Guy, can we get a lift in next time I'm in LA⁉️. Stephanie, you have yourself a new subscriber ;-)

One of the best one I been listening to

She know what she is doing and she is amazing person and it’s a great podcast. Just take a few mins out of your music and listen to it. You won’t regret it. This why she is the best

Food and Family

What a great conversation with Jeannie Celestial, one of the authors of the Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook! I loved hearing about her journey with the instant pot for her postpartum health and baby’s first foods, and the process of writing a cookbook with friends. Some interesting thoughts to further ponder about family, food, and identity.


Love the various topics. Dr Wong is so personable and a great moderator. So nice to hear stories from various minorities and how they are making major impacts.

Love this!

I love listening to this podcast on my way into work, easy listening and thought provoking. Keep it up!

Shining a light

Dr. Wong is thoughtful about highlighting and creating space for fellow Asian Americans/People of Color success stories to be heard! They are empowering and inspiring stories that leave you feeling hopeful and connected.

Entertaining and informative

The guests are awesome and Dr. Wong has good flow. Intro is so fun, love this podcast. Can’t wait to hear more!

Engaging, Entertaining, and Educational!

A fantastic podcast! Dr. Wong’s interviews are perfect for people searching for diverse content about the various perspectives of the global Asian community. Her questions are always engaging and thought provoking. Moreover, her knowledge of psychology and mental health really add educational value to her interviews. Highly recommended!

Awesome listen!

Dr. Wong does a great job keeping guests and listeners engaged! I love how she highlights and asks the best questions to even help me learn from the incredibly prestigious guests. A really good friend recommended me to listen to Dr. Wong, and I’m thankful I did. I can’t wait to see who she brings on next.

Insightful and Entertaining!

Dr. Stephanie Wong’s interviews are so thoughtful and engaging. The guests she highlights are diverse but all incredibly inspirational. I’ve learned so much from listening to her podcast and can’t wait to see who she’ll interview next. Thank you for putting a spotlight on these entrepreneurs and covering such relevant topics for today!