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The Color of Success Podcast is an intersection between Mental Health x Entrepreneurship.  The vision is to reduce shame and embarrassment of talking about mental health in ethnic minority communities and increase representation in the media. 

And on it, you will hear Asians, Asian Americans, and ethnic minorities share their inspirational stories of advancing their careers, while addressing barriers and mental health challenges.   They talk about their successes and failures, strategies to build businesses, brands, and careers, and coping skills to deal with stress, anxiety, discrimination, and self-doubt.

And you should listen if you are looking to hear from a clinical psychologist & entrepreneur’s unique perspective on race/culture, mental health, racial equality, and entrepreneurs facing anxieties, sprinkled with Pop/K-Pop Culture.  My ultimate dream is to meet and interview BTS!

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Production Team

Dr. Stephanie J. Wong, Host and Producer                                                                  

She is an Asian American, licensed clinical psychologist and entrepreneur quoted in Forbes, US News & World Report, SELF, and Shondaland.  She works in private practice with Tech professionals, most of which are ethnic minorities, and at a hospital, serving military veterans.  Her training in clinical interviewing skills has led to fireside chats with diverse podcast guests. 

Omar Mo & Nomads Cast, Social Media Manager

Victor Nguyen, M.A., Editing Director & Promotions whose professional experience includes working with numerous Bay Area sports teams and becoming a Tik Tok creator (@umkay316) with a following of over 190,000 followers.

Ronald Palarca, Producer & Editing Director, Video & Audio, has worked in the Production and Photography industry for over a decade.  His work can be viewed work at:

Peter Stults, Artist, the person behind the “What If” posters that went viral, and the Color of Success' very own logo.  Peter creates retro posters, taking recent movies and imagining actors and credits from past eras. View his artwork.