July 18, 2022

Annie Dickerson: From Teacher to CFO Making Multi-million Dollar Deals!

S4/Ep 15//Color of Success

In today's episode, Annie Dickerson teaches us about: 

  • Real Estate Syndication and how it can help you live a "life by design"
  • Mental models related to investing
  • Teaching your children about money management



Annie Dickerson is an award-winning real estate investing expert with 15+ years of real estate investing experience. In 2022, Annie was named Real Estate Investor of the Year by the Motley Fool.

Annie and her business partner Julie Lam are the founders of Goodegg Investments, a company that helps people invest passively in real estate syndications. Together, they have helped thousands of investors around the country invest in commercial real estate assets totaling over $1 billion.

Annie and Julie are authors of the book Investing For Good: The Surprising Strategy For Building Wealth While Also Making An Impact, hosts of the Life & Money Show podcast, and creators of the Real Estate Accelerator, an elite mentorship program designed to help people learn how to raise private capital for real estate investments.
Note: Investments are at your own risk, as there is a risk to every investment.