April 3, 2022

Dr. Zonram Liao, DVM: Veterinary Care With a Smile & Coping with Pet Loss & Grief

S4/Ep 6//Color of Success

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Dr. Zonram Liao, DVM discusses his journey of being a "parachute kid," raised by his community, to a Veterinarian and Founder of Wellnergy Pets, providing pet parents and their fur children with premium supplements.  After graduating veterinary school, he returned to his hometown in Rowland Heights to give back to the community.  During the pandemic, many animal hospital were closed or overbooked.  To reduce the need for pets to go to the hospital, Dr. Liao founded Wellnergy Pets.  Dr. Liao and I discuss a very personal topic, pet loss & grief and ways that veterinarians can assist pet parents in navigating the process.  Dr. Liao is planning on opening his own clinic and taking the supplements to retail.  Dr. Wong suggested his tagline be, "Care With a Smile," as his passion to help his community and empathy radiate from his smile.