Jan. 21, 2023

Exploring Asian-American Identity: An Interview with Son of Paper (SOP) on Coping with Trauma, Family, and Music

S5/Ep 3//Color of Success

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Released just in time for Lunar New Year, Son of Paper (SOP) a 25-year-old rapper, native of Chinatown, San Francisco, discusses his experiences coping with trauma, the transformative experience of going to therapy, talking to his family about therapy, and creating music rooted in his love for Chinatown. Rapping is cathartic and vulnerability is much needed to make authentic music.  SOP is a dynamic and innovative artist who explores Asian-American identity through his introspective R&B projects and biting rap singles such as MR. CHINATOWN and OVERCAME, which is featured on his debut album "From a Rooftop in Chinatown."

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