Aug. 16, 2021

How does Akiko Stehrenberger, "Movie Poster Girl" Advocate for Pay Equity, Collaboration with Artists, & Co-parenting?

S3/Ep 6//Color of Success

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Akiko Stehrenberger is a 15-time CLIO award-winning movie poster illustrator and designer, who works with directors, movie studios, advertising and movie advertising agencies. She was deemed “Poster Girl” by Interview magazine in 2011, Creative Review dedicated their January 2011 Monograph to her illustrated movie posters.  Her poster for “Bad Milo” was featured on the Conan show, and Vanity Fair included her “Funny Games” and “Kiss of the Damned” posters in their “Best Movie Posters of All Time” list.  We discuss communicating the value of your work to clients through established fees, co-parenting for the benefits of children, and the power of connecting with those whose work we admire.

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