April 16, 2022

Kevin Tien, As Seen on Food Network: The Road to Becoming a Restauranter & Chef

S4/Ep 7//Color of Success

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Kevin Tien has competed in Food Network's Iron Chef Gauntlet & Chopped, received numerous prestigious awards for his culinary skills, and owns Moon Rabbit , a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant in Washington D.C.  Kevin came from humble beginnings and continues giving back to the community through Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate and hosting an event, Chefs for Ukraine.  In this episode, he talks about his journey, growing up in various places throughout the US, including Texas and Louisiana, and learning to cook from his grandmother and mother.  He answers the questions of his ultimate favorite dish and how to cook juicy fried chicken.  He also discusses the challenges of working in a restaurant/kitchen, and that it is often not glamorous.  He values mentorship, wanting others to become more successful than him.

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