Nov. 1, 2021

Needle Phobia Preventing You from Getting Vaccines? Exposure Therapy Can Help!

S3/Ep 14//Color of Success

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According to Dr. Jocelyn Sze, research indicates that 16% of the adult population and 25% of hospital workers report not getting the flu shot due to Needle Phobia, a fear of needles that limit one's ability to access healthcare.  Needle Phobia is also a common reason people are not getting the COVID-19 vaccination, which is not commonly discussed as a barrier.  Dr. Sze is an expert in implementing Exposure Therapy, and created a 2.5-hour protocol to assist individuals in confronting their fear of needles, leading to scheduling vaccine appointments and ultimately getting the vaccines. 

Dr. Sze and I engage in a mock/role-play to provide the audience with an inside look into what a therapy session would look like, which includes establishing a Fear Hierarchy, ranging from exposure to the least fearful situation to the most fearful situation regarding needles.

To learn more and enroll in the sessions, visit:

Disclaimer: The role-play and episode is for educational purposes and therapy may vary from the protocol and work with therapists.