Aug. 12, 2021

What does B-boying & Brotherhood Teach You About Life? Love, Loyalty, and Representation Matters!

S3/Ep5//Color of Success

Andrew Ha is the founder of HB Entertainment, an event production and experience company, named after the Ha Brothers who beginning in their youth built mutual love and respect through dance.

HB Entertainment promotes the idea of interconnectedness by uniting communities together through the universal language of music, dance, and creativity.  There is a dedication to empowering student communities, aspiring artists, and creatives/creators; Inspired by the imagination of the Walt Disney experience and the community values of hip-hop dance culture, HB Entertainment has integrated and curated over 200+ live events which include music festivals, nightlife concerts, charity live streams, and custom fundraisers. The community has collaborated with over 100+ student organizations ranging from cultural orgs, dance teams, fraternities, sororities, and other entities from 25+ college universities across California and Texas.  The simple philosophy was founded on the basic principle of empowering students to serve students.

Join Andrew and I as we unpack the impact his childhood had on him, choosing a "non-traditional" path of starting an entertainment company, increasing ethnic minority representation, and relying on dance and DJ-ing to strengthen ties with family and maintain mental health.