Color Of Success Podcast: Susana Chen - How Do You Forge Your Own Path Through Art?

Instagram: color_of_success

Susana Chen is the Founder of Asian Creative Foundation (ACF) and we discuss forging your own path through Art. We discuss barriers to Asian Americans pursuing a career in Art, and ways that ACF supports those that would like to express themselves through various artistic mediums.

May is AAPI Heritage Month and on Friday, May 13th to Saturday, May 14th, from 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm EST, ACF is hosting The Asian Creative Festival virtual event, “Be BRAVE.” Tickets are on sale and all funds will be put back into enriching this event and future educational events for the AAPI community worldwide.

The two-day program is promising, including over 30 influential AAPI industry speakers, from recognizable film producers, art directors, renowned academic professors, graphic designers, content creators, and CEOs of reputable companies, who will activate the “Be BRAVE” movement.

The speakers will discuss today’s important trending topics:

Technology trends: NFTs and Metaverse

Art talks: finding queer radicality in Asian art

Adversity in the fashion industry

Vulnerability through art as a form of resilience

Mental health cultural evolvement through film making

Intellectual property law

To purchase tickets:


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