Nathan Ramos-Park: Living Authentically

June 12, 2021

S2, Ep 21//Color of Success Podcast

Han Solo #3: What is an Addiction?

May 26, 2021

In the third solo episode, I address the question, "What is an addiction?"  I provide an overview of the diagnostic criteria of an addiction per the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5.  I share my early training experiences in …

Dr. Bandy X. Lee: Speaking Up for Mental Health, Social Justice, & Violence Prevention

May 24, 2021

What happens when you are dismissed from Yale University for publicly providing your expertise on mental health and violence prevention?  According to Dr. Bandy X. Lee, you continue to advocate for social justice! Bandy X. L…

Michelle Chu: Re-defining Success

May 18, 2021

Michelle Chu is the Founder & CEO of Kono’s Kitchen, a brand of freeze-dried raw dog treats, inspired by her rescue dog Kono, an American Staffy mix who went from street dog to Chief Derp Officer of his own company in less t…

Jackie Faye: Engineer by Day & Rapper/Singer Throughout

May 11, 2021

Jackie Faye is an Asian American, female, singer/rapper. Born and raised in Dallas, this Taiwanese-Korean-Texan cultivated her love for music in the dirty south - surrounded by the musical influences of Erykah Badu, Three 6 …

Solo Episode #2: Types of Mental Health Providers & What to Expect in Therapy

May 10, 2021

Since I’m on a Star Wars kick, in the second (Han) Solo episode, I’ll discuss the types of mental health providers and what you could expect in therapy. I’ll describe the education and training that I obtained for my Ph.D. I…

Stephanie Jae Park: Representation Matters

April 26, 2021

Playing Eliza in the Philip National Tour of Hamilton

Solo Episode: How to Find a Therapist & Pay for Sessions

April 14, 2021

In this episode, I'll be going soloooo (cue Jenny from Blackpink's song).  I'll provide some guidance on how to find a therapist and various methods of payment.  Disclaimer: This is for informational and educational purposes…

Margaret Cho: Comedian

April 12, 2021

Read any bio of Margaret Cho, and it will scream, "Legend," indicating her extensive career as a comedian, actor, activist, entrepreneur, and musician. When I asked Margaret what she preferred to include in the show's bio, s…

Chris Partee: Solidarity Across Black & Asian/Asian American Communities

April 5, 2021

Chris Partee is a freelance writer and sports media professional, having been in the industry for over a decade.  A veteran of radio and podcasting, Chris grew up in the Bay Area, but has lived in multiple states.  Chris & D…

Jessica Woo: Mom, Bento Box Queen, Social Media Star

Feb. 20, 2021

Jessica Woo, is Las Vegas local, and has recently seen massive success as a viral food and lifestyle content creator, surpassing over 4 million followers on TikTok and being featured in Vogue Teen and People Magazine as one …